Write a check of USD 11.45 dollars, how to: currency amount in numerals and words, cents as a fraction

Convert 11.45 to (US) American English words, as an amount of money, in dollars, for writing a check in dollars:

1. Write the amount as a number, in the payment amount box on the right side of the check, the one having the symbol '$' printed to the left:

Start writing as far over to the left as possible so no one can change your amount from 9.50 to 99.50, for example.


2. Write the amount in words, on the payment amount line, the one having the word 'DOLLARS' printed to the wright:

Use a pen instead of a pencil, which is too easy to alter.

If your writing doesn't take up the whole space, draw a straight line through to the end of the field so no one can edit what you wrote down.

lowercase: eleven and 45/100


Title Case: Eleven and 45/100

Sentence case: Eleven and 45/100

Converter: write USD currency check amounts out in words

USD dollar amounts that are entered for writing checks are rounded to a maximum of two decimals and then converted from numbers to (US) American English words, written as:

- lowercase (all small caps letters);


- Title Case (Capital Letters to Start the Principal Words);

- And sentence case (capital letter to start the sentence).

The cents amounts are written as fractions with a denominator of 100.

Latest USD dollar amounts for writing checks, converted to words